Are You Having A Technology Emergency?

What Our Clients Say

Makes my company better.

For my business needs Ray and his team have gone above and beyond to satisfy my needs and my company's demanding situations. My company depends on our phone systems and our internet. Orsini ahs not just helped me satisfy these needs, but have made them better.

Otniel Lazo
Imperial Impressions

Our Only Hope

We called 'Obi-Wan' [Ray], because he was our only hope!... And, as expected, he saved the day. :)
Thank you Ray (and TEAM) for all that you've done for us, and continue to do!

Cheryl LeFever
Apira Science
Boca Raton


I want to thank you for the expert help your technician was in bringing our system back up an drunning....Your organization was a lifesaver.

Myrl Ruggiero
Pamper Pool Service Construction & Renovation LLC

So Grateful

My team and I can't begin to express how grateful we are of you and your team. Please thank everyone at Orsini IT for me and let them know that I look forward to many more chances to team up in the future.

Chris Lajaunie
Velo ITG

Same Day Service

[Our ISP] is a complete nightmare to work with and will not send out technicians to do very complicated installs of fiber optic networks. [They] will have someone call you on the phone to walk you through installation of something you've never done before and don't have the experience for. Amazing. Thankfully, someone at Orsini was able to stop by the same day and setup our network for us. Lizsander was able to have our system up and running within an hour. Would definitely recommend. 

Andrew Sabourin
Baby Guard Pool Fences
Coral Springs

Positive Experience

Been working with OIT for more than a year and we always have a positive experience. They are timely, respectful and efficient always following industry standards and best practices. Whenever we require an onsite visit they deliver what is expected and more.

Juan Pablo Bustos
NuSource Technology Group


Orsini IT is great. Excellent service, reasonable prices. I highly recommend. Everytime we need service you ar the only company we are going to call.

Joseph Maimon
Electronic Security Group
Coral Springs